dbReign Software Solutions LLP
dbReign™ is a Software solutions provider. We build software solutions delivering great value to our customers. We are focused in developing applications for Android™ mobile devices. We have our own line of product in addition to custom development of applications for our customers.

Our products include instaPremium™ and instaRetire™ among others that are under development.

instaPremium is a utility application to calculate premiums, commissions and maturity values for Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) plans. It also enables one to create, save and share custom plan combinations using the 'Plan Mixing' feature.

instaRetire transforms your phone into a full-fledged retirement-cum-investment planner. Create plan combinations based on retirement income or premium-budget. Generate comprehensive reports and share them using e-mail, blue tooth or social media. Take into account inflation and tax benefits on premium paid. In spite of all the features that instaRetire offers, we have kept the user interface simple so that you can right away get started on creating tailor-made investment solutions for your clients.

We have strong expertise in System and Data Architecture to provide highest level of professional work. We are a team of professionals experienced in business management to deliver great value proposition, software development both globally and locally.

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